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Vancouver Restaurant: Grapes And Soda

Updated: Feb 17

A Hidden Gem in Kitsilano: Grapes and Soda

Nestled on the corner of Granville and 6th, Grapes and Soda offers a unique blend of aesthetic appeal, Asian-inspired culinary delights, and an impressive cocktail menu. This intimate venue, known for its sultry vibes and limited seating, is a testament to sophisticated, understated elegance.

Grapes and Soda Vancouver Restaurant

The Vibe: Intimate and Stylish

Grapes and Soda creates an atmosphere that blends comfort with mystery. The stylish, non-pretentious crowd, combined with casual yet professional service, sets the stage for an evening of relaxed, chill, trendy vibes. The venue is small, I recommend having a booking if you're going for dinner. There is little else around the area bar-wise, so I recommend calling before showing up there without a reservation. 

Cocktail Mastery: A Sip of Creativity

The bar stands out with its off-the-beaten-path cocktails. Most of their menu is tailor-made, and I think it has seasonal and occasion-focused changes to offer drink variation. They will also cater to your requests. We asked for a spicy margarita, and they delivered, so much so that I had three. Cocktails are all aesthetically pleasing and show off the bar staff's knowledge and passion for mixology. They have an extensive collection of Japanese liquor, which is photo-worthy, as is their bar ensemble; the sultry red bar stools add to the smokey, sultry mood of the restaurant. 

Grapes and Soda Vancouver Restaurant

Foodie Highlights: Smoked Olives and Beyond

The menu at Grapes and Soda caters to a complete dining experience and for drinks with or without small bites. My visit was for the latter, although I did try the divine smoked olives. Judging by the standard of service, drinks, aesthetic appeal, etc, I imagine the food doesn't disappoint, and I'll update this post once I experience it. They have a cute selection of small plates, including fried octopus, one of my favorites. 

An Ideal Date Night Destination

With its cozy ambiance, where you're seated closely, and its sultry dark aesthetic vibe, Grapes and Soda is ideal for those looking to deepen connections or spark new ones. I'd recommend it for date night; it has the mood lighting. With that said, I went with a girlfriend, and I'd also recommend it for a rendezvous for those who appreciate good food, cocktails, and aesthetics. It has an exclusive, socialite vibe. 

Grapes and Soda Vancouver Restaurant

Price Point: $$$ 

The price is as you would expect for the restaurant's standard. They prioritize initial quality, and their prices reflect that. 

Why Grapes and Soda is Worth the Visit

I'll be going back to this Vancouver restaurant. Visiting Grapes and Soda is an opportunity to explore new flavors with its Asian-inspired offerings, enjoy good company, and create memories. Whether you're a local or passing through, it's a good option for those seeking an aesthetic restaurant that also ticks the other essential boxes.  Here's Grapes and Soda's site for menus and reservations.

Similar Aesthetic Restaurant Options In Vancouver

I'll add links as I bulk out the content on my blog, but Bao Bei, and Mackenzie Room, come to mind off the top of my head. 

Share Your Thoughts

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