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The Best Bars In Seattle: Speakeasy Mood

I'm really into Washington's Emerald City, and when it comes to speakeasies, Seattle's abundance means it stands with cities like NYC.

I'd sipped cocktails at a few different spots before COVID-19, but a lot has changed in Seattle in the four years that passed, and now, with one weekend and two livers, we managed to sample four speakeasies, three of which I recommend for you below. 

My favorite was the sultry and silhouetted Foreign National. Their drinks are strong, the bartenders are talented, and their dimly lit aesthetic interior, where everything, down to the choice of glassware, is curated, had me at hello. 

Their interior aesthetic feels like an early 20th-century Asian lounge, an idea that is their menu compliments with cocktails with names like "Silk Road." They offer a mixology experience paired with aesthetic design. 

foreign national

foreign national

The venue adjacent to Stateside on Capitol Hill is available on Google Maps. They have an unmarked door that isn't too difficult to locate as it's front-facing on the main street. 

The intimate size of the venue gives it the essence of exclusivity. We didn't wait to be seated, but I imagine there would be a wait on the height of a Friday or Saturday night. 

Visit their Instagram here.

This Seattle speakeasy has its allure in the forbidden—knocking and stepping through their novelty black door into what felt like 1920s prohibition worked. 

Its name alone is sexually suggestive, and the aesthetic complimented that ideology. Knee High Stocking Co, in Capitol Hill, is conveniently a five-minute walk from Foreign National, and I was able to book via texting, which I appreciated. 

knee high stocking co

Knee High is known for its Filipino Fusion food offerings, innovative cocktails, and lively atmosphere with an intimate setting. The venue has a couple of rooms for more seating options. I like sitting at the bar to watch the bartender create, and it's the focus of the aesthetic design. 

knee high stocking co

Knee High's strength is its mystery; you see nothing outside, and the place looks like an abandoned house. Fortunately, it is on Google Maps. 

Visit their Instagram here.

In Belltown, stepping inside Bathtub Gin from the alley is like stepping into a prohibition bar. The venue is spread over two floors and can accommodate many people. I've been twice; my favorite time to go is 4 pm before a line. They have security on the door, which makes the door easy to find, which suggests its popularity. 

bathtub gin

Bathtub Gin stands out for its character and its wooden aesthetic. Its strength is its passionate experts behind the bar, without music and with a lot of wood, that encourages people to speak quietly to avoid echoes it felt at moments to lack atmosphere. The bar is compact, so sitting there is a communal activity due to proximity to other patrons. It's more of an experience than a place to have an intimate moment with your date. 

What it lacks in atmospheric ambiance, it makes up for with design and bartenders who live and breathe gin and have a heartfelt investment in the place.

These speakeasies bring something unique to Seattle's speakeasy scene, and I consider them among the best bars in Seattle. They are must-visits for those seeking aesthetic exclusivity. 

Visit their website here.

Share Your Thoughts On The Best Bars In Seattle.

Have you been to any of these or any other bars or speakeasies you deem worthy in the Emerald City? I'd love to hear from you.  


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