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3 Aesthetic Vancouver Coffee Shops You'll Love

Coffee shops have always been places to cozy up for catch-ups and get caffeinated, but they are increasingly becoming our offices and interior design inspiration. 

vancouver coffee shops

As a remote worker, I've started my search for the best coffee shops in Vancouver. I'm looking for caffeine, aesthetics, ambiance, and beautiful decor. So far, these are the coffee houses in Vancouver that I beleive convey a high standard and walk that talk. 

Best Coffee Shops in Vancouver: 

Revolver is a standout coffee shop in Gastown, known for its stylish ambiance and great coffee. It has two rooms and accommodates laptops, but the main room is where you want to be. It's chic meets rustic and has much more attention to detail.

vancouver coffee shops

For coffee enthusiasts, they offer a broad selection of beans and innovative brewing methods guided by baristas who have a deep knowledge of the industry. They offer customizable coffee flights, that allows for exploration. It's trendy, and out of the three I include in this post, it's my favorite spot for a premium experience. 

Di Beppe, deep in Gastown, has the charm and style of an Italian Cafe. The carnations on the tables are a nice detail, and I loved the black and white floor tiling upon entrance. The space has a vintage feel. A blend of cafe charm and old-world convenience, all that's missing are some 1950s-suited Italian businessmen at the bar drinking espresso. 

vancouver coffee shops

It distinguishes itself with authentic offerings like a "real" mocha, emphasizing natural cocoa over syrups and a selection of espresso-based delights. 

With a menu that spans from coffee to hearty antipasti and pizzas, Di Beppe is a daytime lunch cafe that transitions into a cozy dining spot by night, embodying the essence of Italian café culture in Vancouver.

Propaganda Coffee, in Chinatown, offers a modern coffee experience focusing on single-origin beans and local roasters. In a part of Vancouver full of hidden gems, the café is modern and spacious, making it a great place to work from if you're remote. It combines industrial elements with aesthetic seating and minimalism. White walls meet exposed pipes with beautiful afternoon lighting when it's sunny. It's an aesthetic photo dream. 

vancouver coffee shops

Propaganda Coffee stands out for its commitment to quality and its support of local roasting talent. Their staff is friendly and efficient, and they told me they specialize in making lattes; that's what they're known for. I kept my coffee strong, black, and classy but next time I'd try one along with one of their matcha cookies.  

Next Stops

I have some coffee shops in mind for my next crawl around the city, Timbertrain, Wicked, and Finch's. I love the low-key, aesthetic independents. If you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.


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