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Le Marche St George

Le Marche St George is a quaint general store and coffee shop in a charming century-old building in Vancouver's Kensington neighbourhood between Main and Fraser St.

Le Marche St George Vancouver

The historical setting has influenced the cafés interior design, in which much of the furniture and the general aesthetic feels like the early 1900s. Think weathered dark green wallpaper, antique accents, wooden floorboards, close and cozy seating with colourful macarons, cute pastries, sweet desserts, aesthetic refrigerators filled with humble provisions, and artisanal goods.

It resembles a little Parisian bistro, with places to sit around the storefront outside, which I imagine is charming when the flowers bloom in warmer months.

Le Marche St George is in a neighbourhood with a small community feel, attracting both a local crowd and tourists alike. The atmosphere inside is one of openness; the room is relatively small. Therefore, all conversations are shared. It's a place for chit-chatting and getting to know people in the community over a place to work. In fact, they have no Wi-Fi and nurture more of a conversational environment over a spot to pitch up with a laptop.

Le Marche St George Vancouver

When I visited, a couple of people were reading, and others were having group conversations, but one thing that's for sure is that the place has a lively foot flow. People are constantly coming and going.

Despite its dark-coloured décor, the vibe brightens the venue with lively conversation. It was refreshing to experience a café where friends could be made.

In the same way the building and décor are from another time, the social interaction was what I imagine coffee shops were like before handheld technology. I think that is the cafe's goal. They created a space for a growing community, which is what I liked most about the place.

Their menu offers French comfort food, croissants, quiche, and crepes alongside Italian imported goods for sale like olive oil, tomatoes, local honey, and what looked like homemade desserts, treats, and sweet things on the counter display. Their offerings enrich the local culinary landscape, and it's clear they nurture community values and take pride in offering high-quality fare in a comfortable, timeless, and aesthetically pretty setting.

Le Marche St George Vancouver

Overall, Le Marche St George is a standout Vancouver café

The place stands out for its vintage aesthetic, values, and offerings and for the unique way it brings people together, both those who live in the community and those who don't. All are welcome and valued, so the community is becoming loyal to their corner café companion.

Good to know

I didn't see a washroom, I could be wrong but I didn't see one.

If you're going alone, take a book over a laptop, and don't be discouraged by the community aspect and cozy seating. I went solo, and I observed many visitors come and go alone. It was a mix of friends, couples, takeout visitors, and solo patrons. There's a cute bar along the window with single bar stool seats.

It's an excellent place to test your comfort zone. Sitting closely becomes a catalyst for conversation, and maybe you'll meet a new friend.

Have you been? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below. Where else do you recommend for coffee in the area, I'd love to hear from you!


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