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Where To Find The Best Coffee In Las Vegas

There is a world beyond the glistening Las Vegas strip, and it's called the Vegas Arts District. An area known for its art galleries, funky shops, and colourful murals. The district is alive with creativity and urban flair as a cultural hub where local artists, performers, and entrepreneurs converge. It offers experiences from First Friday to art celebrations, intimate performances, culinary delights, and, of course, coffee shops.

After settling for Las Vegas Blvd's Starbucks and overpriced hotel lobby coffee options, I finally found the Vegas Arts District during my sixteenth visit to Sin City.

Cultural hubs naturally breed coffee shops, and these were my favourite finds all conveniently located within a few blocks.

On a Saturday, Vesta Coffee has a line backed up out of the door, but it's worth the wait because it's more than just a coffee shop. It's where quality meets conscience and community all brewed together. They offer a taste of Vegas coffee culture with a side of ethical responsibility.

best coffee in las vegas

Their aesthetic combines industrial chic with cozy minimalism, making it a good spot for remote workers but an even better spot to hang out with friends.

Vesta is celebrated for its direct relationship with farmers, and they offer everything from classic espressos to unique single-origin brews alongside vegan-friendly bites that cater to all.

Good to know: Their venue is cashless.

Bungalow Coffee Co. emerges as a vibrant creative hub in Las Vegas, distinguished by its huge layout and Instagram-friendly décor. The venue is designed to encourage community as a great work and social space.

Good to know: Everything in there is Instagrammable.

best coffee in las vegas

The coffee selection is diverse, featuring everything from crafted pour-overs and cold brews to creamy lattes made from premium beans from around the globe. Beyond coffee, their menu includes drinks like matcha lattes and fruit smoothies, and there's a really delicious homemade avocado toast for the foodies, all prepared with ingredients from local producers. If you're in Vegas longer than a weekend, your body will crave nutrient-dense food, and this spot is a good option for respite healthy meals.

best coffee in las vegas

Bungalow Coffee Co pairs great coffee with a trendy setting, establishing itself as one of the best spots for coffee lovers in Vegas.

Dragons Alley Coffee Co. is part of a trio, offering a multifaceted experience because you can hop from the coffee shop to the restaurant to their rooftop bar without leaving the building. The coffee shop is adjacent to its restaurant, Taverna Costera. The venue celebrates the local community, inviting food enthusiasts, artists, and musicians to enjoy a lively atmosphere.

best coffee in las vegas

Good to know: They offer a great Sunday Brunch with live music.

Dragons Alley Coffee provides a casual galley-style setting with quality coffee, teas, and quick meals, as it shares its kitchen with Taverna Costera. The room has a modern and industrial aesthetic, featuring art from local talents, all available for purchase.

Best Coffee In Las Vegas?

Of the three, Vesta was my favourite for its subtle aesthetic, local crowd, people-watching, and solid coffee.

Have you been to the Vegas Arts District? Tell me your thoughts on it, and if you're a Vegas local, where do you recommend for the best coffee in Las Vegas. I'd love to hear from you as my next Vegas visit approaches.


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