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What to Do in Portofino Besides Look at Its Beauty

Portofino is the equivalent of Margot Robbie’s Barbie, the stereotypically perfect Italian destination. But there’s more to the town than its beauty. Here's the best things to do for your visit.


1. Walk up the hill to the quaint church, and see its unique graveyard and spectacular views.

view of portofino bay from a hilltop
a graveyard on a hill in portofino italy
coastline in portofino big rocks and ocean

2. Continue fifteen minutes further to Portofino's lighthouse. There are two bars to pick from for an aperitif before lunch back in the marina. On the way, there's also a castle, tickets can be bought on arrival, but I didn't stop in.

portofino hills covered in greenery and the ocean
the ocean and a blue sky with some long grass
a lighthouse with ocean behind in portofino
a bar near the lighthouse in portofino with people drinking inside

One of the bars on lighthouse hill.

3. Eat and drink. For a coffee or light lunch on the marina, I recommend Calata 32. For gelato, Gelateria Gepi has classic flavours and a pretty aesthetic.

a blurred view of portofino with coffee and food on a reataurant table

Calata 32.

4. Shop designer. Portofino has it all on a small scale.

balenciaga shop in portofino

5. Stroll the length of the marina. It's less crowded on the adjacent side, its restaurants have an even better view.

portofino bay view

Walk the main road to the irresistible Paraggi Cove; it takes about fifteen minutes with a stunning setting and a Dior boutique by the beach.

paraggi beach with umbrellas ocean sand and trees

Paraggi Cove.

Have you been to Portofino? Let me know if there's anything to add, and stay in the loop, join my mailing list below. ⬇️


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