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Vision of Verona

Decadence | Architecture | Romance

Alongside Venice, Verona is one of Italy's most romantic cities, and I believe it ranks top for the arts.

Piazza Bra.

It's best explored on foot as a visual city because each street is a gallery, each building more aesthetic than the last, each with cascading greenery from its Juliet balcony.

Verona's highlights for your next romantic getaway:

Verona was the setting for Shakespeare's tragedy – Romeo and Juliet. This is her balcony, apparently, you can book to go up there.

I didn't know before visiting that Verona has so many ancient Roman ruins, they have a huge amphitheatre on Piazza Bra, of similar size to the one in Pompei.

Piazza Erbe and its masks on the market in the sqaure.

Palazzo della Ragione, it's courtyard lights up beautifully during golden hour.

Streets of Verona, and its greenery in the park by Piazza Bra.

Have you been to Verona? Tell me about some other aspect of the city – I know some of you are foodies! Stay in the loop, join my mailing list below. ⬇️


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