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Vancouver Coffee Crawl

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Coffee shops are my office, so I've started a search in Vancouver for the best.

My thing is aesthetics, so I'll take ambiance and decor over the quality of the coffee, though to make my list, everything has to be a high standard.

Coffee houses have to walk that talk.

Revolver exterior, Gastown.

I kept it to Gastown and Chinatown, which usually have the trendiest places, despite the area's reputation.

First stop, Revolver. I love the room- chic meets rustic. They have lots of table space in the second room, but where you want to be is in the main room.

Revolver interior, Gastown.

Di Beppe has an authentic Italian feel. The carnations on the tables are a nice touch, and their coffee is lit with caffeine. It's more of a lunch spot and not the best place to work, but I'll be back to dine.

Di Beppe, Gastown.

Vancouverites generally see Chinatown as a bit of a dump, but I see hidden gems. Propaganda's room is big and bright, with kind staff, solid coffee, and delicious matcha cookies.

Propaganda, Chinatown.

Finch's, it's a tea house, and being British, I had to include one. They make delicious sandwiches and have a charming setup with lots of greenery. It's unique because you can sit right in the window on a raised platform. Time has stood still there since the sixties.

Finch's Tea House charmed me.


Revolver, but only if you can sit in the main room, there's something about the aesthetic. It's not too deep into Gastown, which makes it easily accessible from downtown.

Revolver table tings.

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I'm looking for a lunch date to Di Beppe, female preferred lol.

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