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Seattle's Speakeasies

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I'm a huge fan of Washington's emerald city, and when it comes to speakeasies, Seattle stands with cities like Nyc. Pre covid I'd sipped at a few different spots but a lot has changed in Seattle in the four years that passed.

With one weekend and only two livers, we managed to sample four speakeasies:

My favourite was Foreign National. The drinks were good, the bartenders were even better, and the vibe was a dimly lit aesthetic dream. Everything is curated down to the choice of glassware.

Sexy and silhouetted, Foreign National

Knee High Stocking co was a close second. Stepping through their novelty black door into what felt like the 1920s worked.

Bathtub Gin's tiny venue's strength is its experts behind the bar. What it lacks in atmosphere, it makes up with its bartenders who live and breathe gin.

My least favourite speakeasy was Inside Passage. Though their theming and drinks are aligned, it felt overrated. The drinks were over-iced, and the place lacks the exclusivity one expects when seeking out speakeasies.

Knee High Stocking co


Foreign National and Knee High Stocking co. It's less than a five-minute walk between, and I was able to book in advance at Knee High Stocking via text.

They're easy to find. Speakeasies have lost their secrecy to google maps.

Bathtub Gin left, and Inside Passage right, looks the part but is overrated.

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Been to any of these or any others you deem worthy in Seattle?

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