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Pretty Positano

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There's abundant information on Amalfi's Positano, and most blogs say the same things.

So instead, I'll share my day with you through photos. It was my second time in Positano, and I wanted to avoid the snail trail (the crowded main street that snakes upwards through town).

From the connecting path to the east beach in Positano

I spent the day on the right side of town, down at the beach, away from the crowds, while keeping the panoramic views.

As I didn't stay in Positano I parked up on the main road, here's the views. *Tip* there is a path from the main road down to the east beach if you want to park up there for free.

Have you been to Positano? Let me know what you think, or if you have tips to add! Always need your expertise, that's how I find out these places.

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