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Now's the Time to Visit Ravello

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a view of the ocean on the amalfi coast

Blogs about the Amalfi coast all say the same thing, visit Positano and Capri. But as beautiful as the duo are, they've become incredibly crowded since blowing up on social media, losing some of their magic.

Towns are continually developing, and hidden pockets on the Amalfi coast, like Atrani, Marina di Praia, and Ravello, are coming into the limelight.

busy town square in ravello italy

The Piazza of Ravello.

There's not a lot of information available online about Ravello, so the place remains idyllic, making it the perfect time to visit.

mountains on the amalfi coast

In my Fiat 500, made for the coastal roads, I visited the dream town. Set high above the ocean, with the most exquisite Belmond hotel seated at its crown, which must be on your bucket list.

the belmond caruso hotel

The Belmond Hotel.

There's a charming piazza in the town centre, bordered with coffee shops, quaint hotels, and artisan shops. Make Ravello a priority before it becomes as crowded as Positano.

a house overlooking the amalfi coast

pink flowers in italy

the view from ravello over the amalfi coast

a hotel with a balcony in ravello

Sights from the town.

a sunny alleyway in ravello

a garden in ravello

a church and a fiat panda

For the Belmond hotel, here's the link.

Have you been to Ravello? Tell me an aspect you liked, and stay in the loop, join my mailing list below. ⬇️


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