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Naples Pizza Hits Different

Cheap |Iconic | Must Try

The birthplace of pizza, I went to Naples specifically to taste it.

Antiquity Pizza is considered Naples' oldest and best pizza parlour, but when the line didn't move for twenty minutes, the overflowing dumpster right next to me gave me the kiss of death, and I turned to Google.

The city from a concrete pedestal .

Reviews sent me to Matteo's. Like the city, Matteo's restaurant isn't beautiful, but their pizza is, because it's thin, light, and just the right amount of soggy to make it foldable. The purest kind of five-euro pizza that made my trip to Naples absolutely worth it.

Give Naples a chance, I know it's dirty and tired, but no city feels more alive. The social culture is among the strongest I've experienced.

To see the city, let your intuition guide you through the streets. Every street has something to see, even if it's just the mass of football ribbons crossing alleys from window to window.

Have you been to Naples? What do you think? I always need your expertise, that's how I find out where to go next, share your ideas below and to stay in the loop, join my mailing list below. ⬇️


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