How To Keep The Parents Happy Whilst Travelling

How ever old you are you’ll always be their ‘baby’ so we have to understand that they’re going to think about us all the time whilst we're gallivanting around the globe.

Here's my tips for keeping them happy:

"They can be annoying but in reality all they want to know is that you're safe and having the time of your life"

Get them on What's App

It’s what I recommend to talk to any of your friends/family whilst travelling as it's free on Wi-Fi. Your parents can see when you were last online so if you don’t reply straight away they’ll know you're alive.

Check in with them once in a while

You’ll be on Wi-Fi often so you can easily drop them a message and tell them your whereabouts. If you’re not a fan of Whats App there’s also FaceTime and iMessage, Viber and Facebook. Endless options for free communication.

Let them know your itinerary

So they have an idea where in the world you are and who you’re with. You should always tell someone where you are anyway, especially if travelling solo. Also tell them when you are coming home, get a cheeky lift home from the airport.

Get good travel insurance

This is for you, always pick a good one, they are 100 percent worth the extra £30 or so to get the best cover. Plus it will keep your parents happy knowing you're covered for injuries, theft or anything that’s highly unlikely to go wrong.

Keep them sweet

Tell them you miss them once in a while. Remember, if you come into any trouble with money or any matter, they are the ones you’re going to contact and ask for help.

Bring them a souvenir

They always love that shit.

Send Pics

Send them snaps of your experiences, it’s free to send via What’s App on wifi. Maybe you can make them jealous, then they will fly out to visit you and treat you to a week of luxury. That’s the plan.

Send postcards

Old school, but they will be made up when they see it in the post box and know that you’ve taken time out to write it. That is super son/daughter sucking up.

That’s should do it. It doesn’t take a lot, just a little effort. You’ll miss them too of course, when you’re sober every once in a while or have a moment to think in between all the incredible stuff you’ll be doing!

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