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Maxine's, Vancouver

Fresh | Lively | Brunch

Maxine's stands alone close to Burrard Bridge in downtown Vancouver, but that doesn't mean it's quiet.

The line outside for weekend brunch speaks to its reputation. I'd overlooked this place because it used to be a mediocre restaurant, but things have changed. The lines are there for a reason.

I think it's for their caesars. 😋

This is them - Maxine's Caesar

The venue is chic, contemporary, and well put together, they have all kinds of cocktails, and their food isn't bad either. I love their bar which is the centre piece.

It's perfect for a brunch date, and if the date goes well, they have a nicely priced happy hour which kept me there for an extra Caesar and a burger.

Chic, don't you think?


Maxine's is a happening weekend spot, I enjoyed the Parisian brasserie aesthetic.

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