19 Things To Do During Lockdown - Other Than Netflix

Living through a global pandemic is undoubtedly bizarre, as we all swallow this freakish pill that we’re in a lockdown, acclimatising to life at home can be a challenge and I hear on the grapevine that some of you are going out of your minds.

To your aid, I’ve put together a lineup of 19 things you can do to occupy and develop yourself during this outlandish time.

"In 3 more weeks, I myself will likely be climbing the walls, proceeding to tear up this article and burn it though, for the short term, I have the ability to inject some food for thought into your mind, I hope it helps."

1. Be a badass with a good ass

It had to head the list, refrain from sofa surfing and do one of the countless home workouts available at the swipe of your fingertips. Move your body, not only to control your weight (*struts out of lockdown looking like Pamela Anderson circa 96’*), but to release those endorphins that combat depression.

2. Just a little love note

Seldom are occasions that you open anything other than a credit card statement in the mail, think of lighting up your sweethearts day by mailing a love letter, old school style. Hell, even send one to your grandma and spread love around like confetti.

3. Mind = ON

A wise person once said ‘A house that has a library has a soul’, you don’t need a library - just a smartphone and an app or two. Download some reading material, it’s surprising how much time can fly by when you’re into a book and if you can’t keep still like me, consider listening to audio books.

4. Masturbation never breaks your heart

For reasons unbeknown to me ‘sex’ is rarely talked about in polite society, that said, I feel that the drought has to be addressed. It’s healthy to masturbate, it relieves stress and sexual energy is not supposed to be pent up, masturbate instead of texting your ex when you’re lonely.

5. Dream your direction

Reflect, reevaluate and re asses- what do you want to yield from this life? We’ve never had a slow down like this, nor will we likely have one again during our lifetimes. Therefore, use this opportunity to dream your direction and after all of this is over, life becomes the road.

6. Hard work beats talent - when talent doesn’t work

Use this time to propel yourself ahead of the curve- honestly most people are stagnant, on the sofa watching Tiger King. Why don’t you go get em like a tiger. If you’re smart - you’ll get busy working on whatever it is you want to be, do and have, i’ll bring to your attention the fact that sheep remain at the lower end of the food chain.

7. Sunday - a day to sin

Apply structure to your lockdown lifestyle by having a schedule to curb laziness. Within that, pick your own day for poison, whether it’s to binge on junk food, lay in bed all day, or to drink whiskey, have a day to look forward to.

8. Ticket to anywhere

Create your own sunshine by planning a trip for when planes begin to fly high again, check out Pinterest, travel magazines and online stores for cute vacation outfits to add to your prep list. Prep you ask? - For when we are ready to party like it’s 1922.

9. Paging daddy

The responsibility of love is to take care of our loved ones hearts, catch up with your family and friends, making others feel valued actually makes you feel good (the law of attraction and all that). There’s endless apps to use with FaceTime and you can chat to your whole friendship group with apps such as ‘house party’.

10. Visit your yesterdays

For a pleasant break from reality, visit your past and bathe your mind in memories of former love & happy times - be careful not to linger too long and remember that the departure of love prepares you for a yet bigger love. There’s also a lot of freedom in forgiveness, if you harbour any hurt, now’s the time to let that shit go.

11. The sound of rain

Savour the stillness and relax, as said, the world will unlikely halt again, so perceive it in a positive light as a time to unwind. Watch the lines melt from your face as stress and tension releases, make your home your sanctuary and take time to listen to the rain and look at the stars, you could even see a UFO.

12. Bonjour monsieur

Study a language for when globetrotting is back on the table, or further your education in a field of your choice; Udemy offers unlimited courses at reasonable prices, plus we have access to sooo much material online, it’s safe to say that you can learn for free.

13. Figure out how to grow roses

Growth rarely takes place within comfort zones, use this period to exit yours by taking up a new hobby. Try your hand at gardening, improve your flexibility with yoga, or indulge in some creative writing, discover which glove fits you.

14. ’Out for walk’

Explore your neighbourhood, breathe the outside air and clear your mind. ‘Poor are those who have eyes but don't see’, take a walk around your block, it’s surprising how much about your community you've never noticed before, as your mind has previously been occupied.

15. Don’t be upsetti, eat spaghetti

Put on your apron and attempt some healthy recipes, it’s easy to keep snacking at home, so contemplate what you’re fuelling your body with before munching on it. Nothing brings people together like good food, why not prepare a meal for your household and if you aren't into cooking, order takeout - you can still do that.

16. Be the game changer

Take a trip back to the 80s before the world of smartphones and play a board game, if you don’t have any pre 21st century game material, you can use apps BUT beware of your competitiveness, you don’t want to add to the rising accounts of domestic violence.

17. Don’t water dead plants

Your home is a living space, not a storage unit, it’s proven that a cluttered house commonly corresponds to a cluttered mind. Practice making decisions and clear out what you don't use, after all, clutter is usually just a bunch of postponed decisions.

18. Awaken the artist within

Listen to music, it’s a great stimuli for the mind, inducing it to vibrate on a higher frequency that gives you heightened access to your creativity. It takes an artist to be a dancer, just the way it takes an artist to paint, or to play music. As a suggestion, dancing is a simple form of therapy and a shortcut to happiness. As Tik Tok seems to be the new hype, you can share your moves there if you appreciate an audience.

19. The good news - nothing lasts forever

I know that Covid-19 seems to be the only phrase on the worlds lips right now but it’s still important to observe the news, it’s a form of education to know what’s going on in the world and currently it affects you and everyone around you, stay updated.

Have faith that happier times are coming, avoid dumbing down your mind and favour the thought that you could be the 1 in 100 people that uses this time wisely enough to progress, you are alive, so perhaps it’s time to turn circumstances around -

"What if this is a blessing in disguise, reducing the world to a new starting point that gives everyone a new opportunity?" Could be..

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