24 carat lover of stars, remote islands, wild nights, chic interiors, diamonds & little black dresses.

I learnt young that time's non-refundable and seeing the moon shine on the other side of the world changed me. My parents influenced my infatuation with travel, as I learnt that happiness is going in pursuit of, and realising dreams. Consequently, I have substantial dreams without limits to the lap of luxury. 


As a child, I grew an enchantment for vocabulary and started to understand the power of our words, winning awards for creative and poetic work throughout my schooling. Writing became mon amour, a creative outlet to express my desires and emotions.


Going into my twenties my words became informative as I combined my enthusiasms into an active travel blog-  'She Travels'.


Travel flourished into an opportunity I'd always take and this philosophy spilled into all areas of my life. Travel can indeed, turn an ordinary life into an extraordinary one.  


Collectively, I spent two years backpacking South East Asia, Thailand's bleached shores have a home in my heart where I've visited 13 times - 13 is lucky for me. I solo travelled Indonesia, attending yoga retreats and unveiling enthusiasms for hiking & scuba diving - I'm PADI advanced certified, and have spent over 6 months in Bali.


Weaved between, I completed a Bachelors degree in Marketing. University life in England was among my best partying days, where I met lifelong friends.


During the 5 month summers, I flew to the Greek Islands where I spent 4 summers with my British workers family. Some of my life's highlights were spent there with my crazy friends.  

As I entered my final year of Uni, I wanted to achieve the best grade, so I knuckled down.

I created a web building business that gained traction, which I declined investment for in 2016 a year after graduation (I did get my First Class Honours), I decided to take the less paved path- 


My intuition told me I needed something bigger, and I never settle for less than I desire. 


After 3 years blogging, although I adored it, She Travels yielded small returns. It no longer exists, although I am reviving posts into articles for travel blogs & magazines. View them here. 

What was left, was my social media following, that I've onwardly built upon. 


Following University, travel interests took me west, I had a desire to be in LA. It's here that I saw a snapshot of a life that I couldn't un-see. It ignited a flame within me for fame, lust, style, money, luxury, cities lights and a fast life; I propelled that desire into a career change. 


Despite being late in the game, I started modelling thereafter, I deny any limitations to dreams. I uprooted my life in England, moving to Vancouver, Canada and due to being broke, starting modelling and moving countries; my best friend and I shared a bed for 4 months in a basement suite, until we got on our feet. 


The career transition was challenging, I felt I was backsliding, though I knew if I didn't pursue my dream, my heart would remind me on every beat. 


Whilst getting started, I took an internship in Hong Kong working alongside a successful CEO, who taught me "If you want to be the best you have to sacrifice". I knew then modelling would take maximum effort & persistence.  


Since, I've modelled in New York, Chicago, Toronto, LA, London, Tokyo and Hawaii, among other places. 


Moving to Canada gave me a base to explore the west, I've taken countless road trips in the States, hiking, camping, canyoneering & touring parks. I love deserts especially Arizona's; I plan to get a Harley Davidson, accompanied by leathers and cigarettes in the not so distant future; I'll cruise old Route 66. 


I took an interest in skiing, backcountry hiking and camping, completing the West Coast and the Juan De Fuca trails; eventually I'll do the PCT. 


My affections for writing awakened again and recent published works are based around dating, love, poetry & philosophy. Read my articles here. I'm on track to publish my first poetry book by the end of this year, there's a compelling romanticism within me that I transmute into short writings that seem to penetrate my readers deeply. 


4 years on in Canada, over a year in the States accumulatively, 13 lucky visits to Vegas and 40+ countries travelled, as I turn 30 my heart is full of gratitude. 


Whats next? 

To publish my book in draft, excel at modelling, become a master influencer, get the hot rocking body I've always wanted and grow my company.  


South & Central America have hooked my attention for my next backpacking trip, I'll live in Mexico at some point to continue learning Spanish, I want to learn salsa and pick up on scuba diving. As far as luxury travel goes, I have trips to Pairs, NYC, Italy, Ibiza and Mauritius within the next year.  


The charm of London captivates me for my next major home base as Canada closes to an end. Beforehand, I'm headed to Sydney as I approach my last year of eligibility for a working holiday visa. I'll be exploring Oceana for a couple of years, South East Asia is also constantly calling and I have a strong vibe from Bali, so that will happen no doubt in the next year.  


 My love affair with writing, modelling and our worlds lands is only at the tip of the iceberg, I'm doing big things, using the power of my mind and my irresistibility as a woman, to take me to heights whilst enjoying all that this life has to offer. 

I realise that every day is a gift, an opportunity to be fabulous, laugh and radiate love. I want to fulfil my duty to inspire friends, old and new to be self-confident and self-disciplined to live their most full life. 


I'm grateful for the cards I'm dealt - above all I'm enamoured with people, for they are who inspire my words, influence for emotions, memories and loudest laughs. And for you- if you're reading this, we have, through these words, already met. 


Chase your stars sugar, it's short.

© 2020 Charlotte Ahern Ltd

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